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Welcome to the University of Birmingham Development WhoIS authentication service.

WhoIs allows University of Birmingham websites to authenticate users against the central University Directory Service using a Secure LDAP call. The service can also pass details about the authenticated user back to the web application that called it. (e.g. Full name)

WhoIs has been designed to be very simple to implement, all that is needed is a simple Include File on every page you wish to authenticate. WhoIs remembers the exact page from which the user originated and passes them back to that page after they have passed authentication, thus allowing users to bookmark authenticated pages without causing errors.

When you click the link below you will be forwarded to a secure site.
Click YES when it asks you to accept the Site certificate. This is just a key it uses to encrypt the data you send to the site. You will then need to enter your University username and password (This is your new Active Directory / edirectory Username and Password). If you don't know these details contact the
 IT Service Desk.

Show me How it works....

If you would like to register your website to authenticate against the University of Birmingham directory please contact the AD Support Team.

If you have any comments about this page, please contact AD Support Team  

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